Benefits of Dramatherapy

The initial goal of therapy is the relief of suffering (Yalom). It ranges from wanting relief from anxiety or depression to wanting to learn how to communicate with others, or to be more trusting with others. Dramatherapy benefits the following:

  • People with mental health problems (children and adults),
  • Adolescents with social and emotional difficulties,
  • People with learning disabilities: those who find using words difficult,
  • People with autism and developmental delay (children and adults),
  • Older people with dementia, and depression,
  • Offenders (youths and adults),
  • People who are at the end of life,
  • Children with life limiting illness,
  • Physically disabled and neurologically impaired people.

How can dramatherapy help me?

It explores unhealthy personal patterns of behaviour and interpersonal interaction

It encourages self-awareness, exploration and reflection on feelings and relationships

It provides opportunities for clients to learn new skills;

It initiates spontaneous exploration of personal issues;

It enables clients to experiment with new ways of thinking and behaving;

It uses appropriate equipment, materials and therapeutic 'props', such as puppets and other objects;

It offers non-verbal method of working

It makes use of all the senses

Testimonial - Teaching Assistant

A Teaching Assistant that worked with a client on the autistic spectrum who attended dramatherapy for a year (referred to as "X"). X asks and answers questions in class, improving his body language towards staff. X has started using eye contact and turning his body towards people when talking to them. At the start of the year up to the Easter holidays X had severe anxiety moods and struggled with negative thoughts. During the academic year X has had less bouts of anxiety and is developing independent strategies to cope with his issues with communication. X’s mother, staff and students have noticed X’s developed confidence and his new found ability to start conversations with a variety of people.